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California Car & Auto Insurance Regulation For Teenage Drivers

Teenage drivers are at greater risks of car accidents. In fact, reports from Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reveal that teenagers get into an accident six times more often than drivers between the ages of 30 to 59. Because of this, California auto insurance rate for those belonging to this age bracket are generally higher than the rest.

While premiums are basically pinned against identified standards and risk meters, it is still possible to get a lower premium for your teenagers. San Francisco auto insurance agencies share the following pointers on how to keep your premiums low as well as how to keep your teenager's license free from violations. It must be remembered that premiums can also escalate because of the bad driving records and tickets for traffic violations.

Being familiar with the laws and following them religiously will do be of great help to anyone who seeks to the best insurance policy at a minimum cost. Have a clean driving record. Be a good example to your children by driving with care. This means driving within specified speed limits and tailgates as well as being courteous to your co-drivers. Do not yell at drivers ahead or behind you, otherwise your sons or daughters will see this and you give them an excuse to misbehave while driving.

Put your teenagers in your policy as an additional driver. This saves you from getting an independent policy for your child. Doing so will also allow your teenagers to experience practically the same benefits that comes within your own California auto insurance quote.

Encourage your teenager to get good grades in school. Some San Francisco auto insurance agencies usually give discounts on California auto insurance rates and other privileges to teenagers with higher grades. Give such discount or a portion of it to your teenager. This will encourage him/her to continue getting good grades.

Enroll your teenagers to accredited driving schools. This will equip your children with the technical knowledge they require. Call your California auto insurance company to verify if a certain driving school is accredited, this way you are assured that you will get discounts for your California auto insurance quote.

Your teenagers need not drive fancy sports cars. What is important here is getting a driving license and an affordable California auto insurance rate, one whose premiums is lower and is not cash-stripping.

Let your teenagers know the facts: how much does the car insurance costs? Let them be aware of the cost of expenses and how it affects your family budget.

San Francisco auto insurance agencies also suggest that parents talk to teenagers about drugs and alcohol and its impact to driving. This will help your children be aware of their responsibilities as legitimate drivers. Providing such information will also help reduce the number of vehicular accidents related to drunk driving and driving while high on drugs.

Tickets of violations could appear on your teenager's license for certain traffic violations. These tickets usually stay in licenses for months. While this is sometimes inevitable, there are some things you can do to help minimize accumulation of tickets in the future. For instance, you can encourage your teenagers to take traffic school. This will allow them to realize the ill effects and consequences of traffic violations and will encourage them to drive safely the next time they take the wheels.

Let your son or daughter take the wheel while you enjoy the passenger seat. California auto insurance regulation says doing so will let you experience how your teenagers really drive. Observe how they drive and take notice of their driving stints. If you notice something unsafe, discuss it with your teenager. Be generous with praise when your teenager drives safely.

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