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Finding affordable Health Insurance is challenging in these times. It is important to find the right plan to balance cost savings and coverage. At John Alsop Agency, we offer many plans to fit your budget and lifestyle. Some important types of Health Insurance are:

PPO - PPO plans offer the freedom and ability to choose your doctor outside of any network and pay a percentage of your medical care. For example, a PPO 80/20 plan means that the insurance company pays 80% and you pay 20% of the negotiated fees for doctor's appointments or procedures. Depending on the plan, there is typically a maximum out of pocket (Deductible) per year before the insurance company pays 100% of costs.

HMO - HMO plans offer the ability to choose your doctor inside of the plan network. HMO plans typically cover 100% of costs with set co-pays for doctor's appointments, prescriptions and medical procedures.

Major Medical - Major Medical plans are a low cost PPO type of coverage and offer coverage for major medical procedures, but no coverage for prescriptions or doctor's appointments. There is typically a high deductible for any major medical procedure. This is good for young, healthy individuals who only want protection for the unexpected.

Our goal at John Alsop Insurance Agency is to not only provide you with the largest selection of medical insurance options, but also to provide you with the information you need to make educated decisions. Knowledge and variety are the keys to finding the right affordable insurance plan for you and your family. Whether you are looking for family health insurance for you and your family or group health insurance for your small business, John Alsop Insurance Agency provides free quotes and information to help you determine how to choose the best plan for you and utilize your health insurance.

Individual, or family, health insurance is also commonly known as personal health insurance or private health insurance. This is referred to it as individual health insurance. Family health insurance, where you, your spouse and your children are all on the same plan, is still referred to as an individual health plan. This is the type of policy you would purchase for yourself and your family if your employer does not provide insurance benefits to its employees. You may also consider family health insurance if you are self-employed, unemployed or a student. Individual and family health insurance plans are available for newborns on up to the seniors at age 65.

Get a free health insurance quote and research the risks of temporary health insurance before you decide. Most major insurance plans do offer supplemental dental insurance, but purchasing a stand-alone policy may be more affordable if you understand the different health insurance plan types, compare premiums, and choose wisely. We encourage you to take advantage of the years of experience and research that we have here at John Alsop Insurance Agency.

Please refer to your policy for specific definitions of coverage and limitations or exclusions. Our Agency represents multiple insurance companies and all policies vary as to coverage, terms, conditions and restrictions or exclusions. We are always available to discuss specific questions you have about any of insurance products we offer. Call us today.

Disclaimer: Insurance coverages and discounts are subject to availability and qualifications. Other terms, conditions, limitations, and exclusions may apply.


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