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Life Insurance is often overlooked or underestimated due to a lack of long term planning. Life Insurance plans differ in type and scope. At John Alsop Agency, we cut through the confusion to custom tailor a plan just right for you and your family. The most popular types of Life Insurance are:

Term Insurance - Term policies are a low cost way of death protection that lasts for a fixed period of years and in which you only pay the cost of the insurance (Like renting a house. You pay a fixed amount of rent every month for a specific period of time and move on at the end of your lease).

Life Insurance - San Diego, Los Angeles, California

Permanent Insurance - Permanent or Perm insurance carries a higher cost per month, but is designed to last an entire lifetime by building cash value in the policy. The policy builds equity that compounds interest over many years to cover the cost of life insurance in your older years. The cash value in a Permanent plan can be borrowed against or surrendered the policy and receive the cash value that you have built up (Like buying a house. You build equity over many years and keep it until death to pass to your heirs or sell it to receive the cash value).

Life insurance can be an important part of your personal safety net, especially if you have loved ones and financial dependents. John Alsop Insurance Agency serving San Diego, Los Angeles and other parts of California is a leading provider of life insurance to many valued customers. John Alsop Insurance Agency can work with you to find easy and affordable life insurance solutions in San Diego, Los Angeles and other parts of California so you know your loved ones and financial dependents will be taken care of. To learn more, click on the "Life Quote form" section on our Quote page and see for yourself how life insurance can help you plan for life.

An important part of a sound financial plan, life insurance provides a valuable death benefit to your beneficiaries upon your death. Your beneficiaries can then use this money to replace some of the income you would have earned or to help pay off debts or other expenses.

Term policies can help meet a wide variety of business and personal needs and often provide the most coverage for your premium dollar for set periods of time. Whether you want to supplement your existing coverage or simply purchase insurance to meet a specific need, our term policies have the flexibility to help meet your needs. John Alsop Universal life insurance serving Los Angeles, San Diego and other parts of California can help meet the needs of people who desire long-term death benefit protection with a flexible premium structure.

Life insurance is a way to help restore or maintain your family's financial security if you pass away. There are many types of life insurance policies, and choosing the one that's right for you will depend on the "what ifs" in your life and your personal circumstances. When you are looking for a life insurance quote, John Alsop Insurance Agency in San Diego, Los Angeles can provide one, and help you find the solution that fits your life.

Please refer to your policy for specific definitions of coverage and limitations or exclusions. Our Agency represents multiple insurance companies and all policies vary as to coverage, terms, conditions and restrictions or exclusions. We are always available to discuss specific questions you have about any of insurance products we offer. Call us today.

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Disclaimer: Insurance coverages and discounts are subject to availability and qualifications. Other terms, conditions, limitations, and exclusions may apply.

John Alsop Insurance Agency can work with you to find easy and affordable life insurance solutions in Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County, San Jose & all of California.


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